Optimization by Rittman Mead

Our industry-leading performance experts have designed a diagnostic methodology and performance monitoring platform to help you discover bottlenecks in your system and how to improve them.


Expert System Evaluation and Analytics

Starting from an evidence base, our experts analyze the existing system performance to produce a Performance Analysis Report. In parallel with this information, we discuss the project’s requirements and expectations with the business and technical owners of the system. Using these as the starting points, we document recommendations to improve the performance of the system based on analysis of data from the system, including through Rittman Mead's Performance Diagnostics Toolkit.


Get the Most Out of Your BI Investment

Based on statistical analysis of OBIEE Usage Tracking data, the Performance Analytics Report explains the key performance principles of OBIEE and puts them in context using your data. It identifies areas where you can get the "biggest bang for your buck" in terms of performance focus, based on breadth of user base, frequency of execution, and cumulative run time. The report also profiles dashboard pages to identify which analyses should be investigated, and it builds a time profile of each analysis to illustrate where the issue may lie.

User Experience

Increase Usage Through Efficiency

Slow analytical and data processes disappoint and upset users. In today’s environment, with so many technologies at our fingertips, users know the speed and capabilities of today’s computers. No one likes to be kept waiting, and bad experiences can reduce usage. Trust Rittman Mead’s performance experts to eliminate potential pitfalls in your business intelligence project. Optimized performance boosts the likelihood that users stay engaged, increasing your return on investment.

Full-Stack Analysis

Advanced analytics tools, combined with our expertise, allow your environments to operate at their maximum capabilities.

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