Data Provisioning

ETL, data acquisition, data cleansing, data enrichment, data quality, data wrangling, and data modelling.

Information Propagation

Reports and dashboards, visualisation, meta data definition (semantic layer), governance, and security.


Data exploration, predictive modelling, data mining, machine learning, and rules engines.

Expert Solutions

We solve clearly-defined, demanding, funded problems. These can be technical, such as performance or configuration, process/practice driven, or business goal focused.

Team Augmentation


We augment the delivery capability and productivity of your BI, data integration, ETL, big data, and data science teams by deploying our consultants, processes, frameworks and accelerators.


We can work independently, or with your infrastructure teams, to give you a DevOps capability covering unit and regression testing, release management, continuous integration, and automation.

Ongoing Support

We can work independently, or work with your managed services teams, to maintain your business intelligence, data integration, and analytics platforms. We can either integrate into your existing systems and processes or use our own services desk to provide systems continuity and business relevance for your platform.

Project Delivery

We provide skilled consultants, custom accelerators, and a proven methodology to deliver projects. Our approach and resources significantly reduce timescales and lower risks. We provide clearly-defined and cost-effective ways to deliver data, business intelligence, and analytics projects to your organization.


We can define a vendor-agnostic roadmap, architecture, and plan to start your organization on its analytics journey, or provide strategic guidance for projects and programs already underway. The focus is optimizing data, technology, people, and processes to achieve strategic goals.


We provide a number of technical and end user training courses for Oracle's business intelligence and data integration tools. For more information on our wide range of training options, visit our training page.