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See Your Data From Every Perspective

Unify allows Tableau users to take full advantage of OBIEE's extensive data modeling capabilities. With just a few clicks, Tableau users can create data sources using OBIEE's existing subject areas and web catalog.

Unify Desktop

An application that allows you to easily connect to OBIEE data sources using Tableau Desktop.

  • Load data from OBIEE queries into Tableau
  • Can open existing OBIEE reports and load them into Tableau
  • Can join multiple OBIEE queries, or additional datasets together using Tableau's joining features
  • Uses native OBIEE security rules

Unify Server

Unify Server has all of the features of Unify Desktop, plus:

  • Available for an unlimited number of users
  • Can be used to publish dashboards to Tableau Server and perform scheduled refreshes of the data

Explore Your Data From End-to-End

Unify bridges the gap between the extensive back end of OBIEE, and the superb visualizations of Tableau. Simply build your queries in OBIEE, pulling the necessary data from your subject areas, and then export them to Tableau for visualization.

The Waiting Is Over

With Unify, you no longer have to keep your end users waiting for reports. Unify gives end users access to Tableau, and the ability to quickly create their own reports and dashboards, without assistance.

Grab A Little Help From Your Friends

Enable end users to easily integrate essential Tableau data sources, along with governed data from OBIEE. It’s that simple.

We are excited to announce we are going to offer it to all our customers for free.

In order to obtain your free copy please contact [email protected]. We will ask you to complete a short set of qualifying questions to confirm you are on a supported version, then we can provide a link to download the correct version, and a product key. The product key will need to be renewed annually at no cost.

The free version of Unify will come with no support obligations or SLAs. On sign up we will give you the option to join our Unify Slack channel, through which you can raise issues.

Installation Guide

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