User Engagement

Improve User Adoption For Your BI System

The user adoption rate among new business intelligence systems can be as low as 25%, often due to poor user experience (UX), slow queries, and irrelevant data and reports. But whatever the issue, it’s important that you build a BI experience that meets the standards of today's users.

Rittman Mead’s User Engagement gives BI managers and CIOs the power to take the necessary steps to increase usage, providing more value for your organization. Our OBIEE and UX experts have developed an approach to address the underlying causes of low usage, as well as tools to monitor user statistics.

Most importantly, our experts educate and train BI managers in best practices, ensuring user engagement remains a core aspect of your organization’s BI project.


Identify Poor UX Design and Performance Bottlenecks

Developers often create BI systems that meet an organization’s goals, but fail to become widely adopted. The brilliantly designed system just doesn’t seem to engage users. This can be as fatal to a project as broken ETL or out-of-date technology. [User engagement] starts with an audit of your OBIEE implementation, searching key areas for improvement. Once our consultants identify opportunity for optimization, they focus their efforts to provide the largest impact on the adoption and frequency of use of your system.


Encourage Use With Communication Agents And Visual Redesign

We’ve designed a set of automated emails to encourage your users to come back to OBIEE more frequently and to give them tips on how to use the system most effectively.The User Engagement Service includes a 2 week Visual Redesign consultation. During this time, we review your organization’s reports and dashboards and transform them into something more meaningful and engaging—utilizing components such as the Visual Plugin Pack where appropriate—to better tell the story behind your data.


Track Progress with Rittman Mead's User Engagement Toolkit

At Rittman Mead we believe that if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Rittman Mead’s specially engineered dashboards focus on the important KPIs. With built-in monitoring, you can track how your initiatives resonate with BI users. Rittman Mead’s leading experts in OBIEE performance have also designed a dashboard to help you understand where your performance issues are and how to alleviate them, taking an evidence-first approach to increasing user adoption.

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