Global Services

Global Services

Research shows that 90% of the investment in IT systems occurs after go-live. Typically the headline stories are about how to implement data and analytics projects and how smart the supporting technology is. At Rittman Mead we take the ongoing support and maintenance of these systems very seriously and have dedicated team and set of services to support our clients through their entire lifecycle.

These services are delivered by Rittman Mead’s Global Services team and can help your team understand and resolve architecture, design and technical problems (Expert Services); flex and scale your teams with Rittman Mead consultants to cater for project ramp ups or cover holidays (Team Augmentation); provide scalable POC, development and test environments to speed up ongoing delivery (Cloud Services); and to provide classic SLA driven on-call production support for live and test systems and infrastructure (Service Desk).

All of these services are backed by Rittman Mead’s collective expertise, processes and methods (the Rittman Mead Way) and award winning reputation.


The Expert Service model provides a way to drawn down from the rich experience from our dedicated analysts. This service is offered on an hourly basis and can be used in any way the client sees fit.

The range of scenarios typically include the need to resolve a compelling issue, soundboard an architecture idea, deliver a discrete piece of development, undertake an installation, deliver remote training or just provide advice around a new release. All of these deliverables could be consumed under one Expert Services agreement on a monthly plan.

The team that delivers this service are all time served consultants who have chosen to work across a spread of clients and deliver their skills remotely as part of a modern workplace, which gives them a unique ability to access our whole organisation of knowledge on the clients behalf. They are normally product specialists in their own right and are able to work across the Global Services team in parallel to deliver faster resolution to client issues. Expert Services acts as the fail-safe, the extra resources you always need when you’re ready to use them.


One of the main challenges within the BI industry is finding talented people to join your department or project team. Rittman Mead offers a unique way to provide an on-going BI competency, long or short term. We can offer Specialists right now who are backed by the whole organisation with the ability work on-site or remote and scale up or down on usage across a period of months. This flexibility allows clients to blend in various skills that might be required to deliver different phases throughout a project.


BI Technology has become more complicated with larger foot prints and inherent computational scale out, the products are more feature rich, and with the dawn of Big Data and it’s often hard to know where to start. Rittman Mead is able to offer platform services that enable clients to move from a PoC size implementation to full Production. This offering normally poses an instant starting point for a business team or department who wants to get their development environment built and have the solution shipped into their own cloud or on premise platforms.


Rittman Mead can deliver SLA specific support for clients who service 24/7 BI estates that have to remain operationally intact around the clock. This is achieved using distributed teams blended with in-house tools to ensure no breakages escape our service desk who are equipped to deal with all eventualities and then restore to normal service.

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