Oracle Data Warehouse Global Leaders Webcast

I'm honored to be delivering a webcast for the Oracle Data Warehouse Global Leaders Program on Tuesday, March 22 at Noon EST. This is an elite program for key global data warehousing customers and is managed by the Oracle data warehousing product management team. It also provides a rich opportunity to network with peers, and these webcasts are one of the ways that Oracle delivers value to the program members. Anyone interested in the program or the webcast should email the DW Global Leaders program.

The subject matter will be "Agile Data Warehousing on Oracle Exadata and OBIEE 11g". This is a subject I've been devoting a lot of time to lately, both in project delivery and in speaking. With two full data warehouse delivery projects on Exadata under my belt, and several other partial projects, the Database Machine is absolutely a paradigm shift. But the real tipping point comes when these DW capabilities are combined with a powerful metadata layer, such as exists in OBIEE 11g. Over the last few years, I've adjusted and re-adjusted long-standing beliefs about how data warehouses should be built and delivered. While I'll talk about what makes Exadata and OBIEE different, my main focus is demonstrating how to use the features to deliver BI in accordance with standard Agile concepts. I also have a series of blog posts planned to dive into this subject in detail.

If you're interested in homework, I'll be discussing the Oracle Next-Generation Data Warehouse Reference Architecture, Exadata Smart-Scan, and the OBIEE Semantic Model. Additionally, I'll spend some time on the Agile Manifesto, the generic agile development movement, and what effect they have on DW delivery methodologies.