Photos and Presentation Downloads from the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2014

Well we’re back in Brighton, UK now after the second successful week of the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2014. In Week 1, we went to the Seattle Hotel in Brighton (read the recap here), and then straight-after we flew over to Atlanta, GA, to run the second week - and it was possibly even better than Brighton ;-)

Congratulations to Omri Traub, winner of the Atlanta Best Speaker award - the first person from Oracle to win, in fact - and to all of the other presenters who helped put together an excellent event. If you’re interested, I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos from both Brighton and Atlanta to Flickr, and you can view the BI Forum 2014 photo set here.


As usual, where we’ve got permission (or the PDF) from the presenter, we’re making all of the presentations available for download to both attendees and non-attendees - not everyone can make it to the event, but we don’t want you to miss-out. We’re also very grateful to Lars George and Cloudera for making their Hadoop Masterclass slides available too - thanks everyone.

Other than that - thanks again to everyone who attended, and hopefully we’ll see you all again next year!