Made Simple

ChitChat enhances the BI experience by bringing conversational capabilities into the BI dashboard, increasing ease-of-use and seamlessly joining current workflows.


Focus the Discussion with Versatile Commentary

ChitChat's multi-tiered annotation capabilities allow BI users to leave comments where they belong—at the source of the conversation. ChitChat simplifies BI communications by giving business users and analysts a place to discuss reports and data inside the BI ecosystem. No longer do you have to guess which reports are being referred to in emails or other messaging apps. No more screenshots. No more copy and paste.


Store Critical Information at the Source

ChitChat introduces the ability to include documentation inside your BI environment for when you need more than a comment. Want to include a synopsis for a report? Easy. Need to explain the motivations behind key analytic decisions? Simple. Wish to record the history of a dataset? All of these things are now possible with ChitChat. Keeping key materials contained inside the dashboard gives the right people access to key information without searching.


Enhance the BI Experience by Seamlessly Joining Current Workflows

ChitChat is designed as a tool of convenience, adding a layer of specific commentary functions to your BI operation. Bring attention to important information on the dashboard using the channel or workflow manager you prefer. Enhance your current workflow with a commentary tool unlike anything else on the market.

Verified Compatibility

Tested against popular browsers, operating systems, and database platforms for maximum compatibility.

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