Expert Service Desk

To remain current, data, analytics and reporting systems must continue to adapt and,as such, need to be supported effectively. Evolving user requirements, changes in technology, new data sources, team churn and infrastructure failures can all undermine your system’s ability to provide timely, accurate and reliable information.

Over the last 10 years we have seen too many systems fail due to ineffective support. This can be caused by a lack of ongoing investment, not having the right support team or a lack of awareness about affordable ways of supporting the system.

Rittman Mead’s Expert Service Desk puts your system in the most capable hands in the industry. Using our expertise in infrastructure, security, design, visualisation, DevOps and training will keep your system a genuine success story. Our Expert Service Desk blends application support, fault fix, system monitoring and our world renowned technical and strategic expertise.

Our Expert Service Desk team is able to perform a range of activities including:

  • Proactive Service Monitoring and Restoration
  • Bug Fixes
  • BAU Changes
  • Ongoing Training
  • Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning
  • Performance Improvement
  • Oracle SR Support Mediation
  • Backups and High Availability Strategy
  • Release Management and Testing
  • Security Strategy
  • Architecture Review and License Optimisation
  • Roadmap and Planning
  • Development Standards, Methodology Templates and Best Practice

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