Top 10 Rittman Mead Blog Posts from 2014

It’s the afternoon of New Year’s Eve over in the UK, so to round the year off here’s the top 10 blog posts from 2014 from the Rittman Mead blog, based on Google Analytics stats (page views for 2014 in brackets, only includes articles posted in 2014)

  1. Using Sqoop for Loading Oracle Data into Hadoop on the BigDataLite VM - Mark Rittman, March 22, 2014 (8466)
  2. OBIEE Dashboard prompt: at least one mandatory - Gianni Ceresa, March 17th 2014 (7683)
  3. Thoughts on Using Amazon Redshift as a Replacement for an Oracle Data Warehouse - Peter Scott, February 20th 2014 (6993)
  4. The Secret Life of Conditional Formatting in OBIEE - Gianni Ceresa, March 26th 2014 (5606)
  5. Trickle-Feeding Log Files to HDFS using Apache Flume - Mark Rittman, May 18th 2014 (5494)
  6. The State of the OBIEE11g World as of May 2014 - Mark Rittman, May 12th 2014 (4932)
  7. Date formatting in OBIEE 11g – setting the default Locale for users  - Robin Moffatt, February 12th 2014 (4840)
  8. Automated Regression Testing for OBIEE - Robin Moffatt, Jan 23rd 2014 (4040)
  9. OBIEE, Cloudera Hadoop & Hive/Impala Part 2 : Load Data into Hive Tables, Analyze using Hive & Impala - Mark Rittman, Jan 18th 2014 (3439)
  10. Introduction to Oracle BI Cloud Service : Product Overview - Mark Rittman, Sep 22nd 2014 (3190)

In all, the blog in one form or another has been going for 10 years now, and our most popular post of all time over the same period is Robin Moffatt’s "Upgrading OBIEE to” - well done Robin. To everyone else, have a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2015, and see you next year when it all starts again!