Exciting News for Unify

Announcement: Unify for Free

We are excited to announce we are going to make Unify available for free. To get started send an email to [email protected], we will ask you to complete a short set of qualifying questions, then we can give you a demo, provide a product key and a link to download the latest version.

The free version of Unify will come with no support obligations or SLAs. On sign up, we will give you the option to join our Unify Slack channel, through which you can raise issues and ask for help.

If you’d like a supported version, we have built a special Expert Service Desk package for Unify which covers

  • Unify support, how to, bugs and fixes
  • Assistance with configuration issues for OBIEE or Tableau
  • Assistance with user/role issues within OBIEE
  • Ad-hoc support queries relating to OBIEE, Tableau and Unify

Beyond supporting Unify, the Expert Service Desk package can also be used to provide technical support and expert services for your entire BI and analytics platform, including:

  • An agreed number of hours per month for technical support of Oracle and Tableau's BI and DI tools
  • Advisory, strategic and roadmap planning for your platform
  • Use of any other Rittman Mead accelerators including support for our other Open Source tools and DevOps Developer Toolkits
  • Access to Rittman Mead’s On Demand Training

New Release: Unify 10.0.17

10.0.17 is the new version of Unify. This release doesn’t change how Unify looks and feels, but there are some new features and improvements under the hood.

The most important feature is that now you can get more data from OBIEE using fewer resources. While we are not encouraging you to download all your data from OBIEE to Tableau all time (please use filters, aggregation etc.), we realise that downloading the large datasets is sometimes required. With the new version, you can do it. Hundreds of thousands of rows can be retrieved without causing your Unify host to grind to a halt.

The second feature we would like to highlight is that now you can use OBIEE instances configured with self-signed SSL certificates. Self-signed certificates are often used for internal systems, and now Unify supports such configurations.

The final notable change is that you can now run Unify Server as a Windows service. It wasn't impossible to run Unify Server at system startup before, but it is even easier.

And, of course, we fixed some bugs and enhanced the logging. We would like to see our software function without bugs, but sometimes they just happen, and when they do, you will get a better explanation of what happened.

On most platforms, Unify Desktop should auto update, if it doesn’t, then please download manually.

Unify is 100% owned and maintained by Rittman Mead Consulting Ltd, and while this announcement makes it available for free, all copies must be used under an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) with Rittman Mead Consulting Ltd.